Our laser marking machine is specially made for this task, and has 10 times the accuracy of our cutting laser. This incredible precision, combined with remarkable speed allows us to ‘print’ on wood, plastics, metals and more. From text to full images, the possibilities are endless with what can be created using laser marking. There are applications in the industrial and medical fields, with the marking of front panels for tools and machines, and even more in the consumer sector. Bring your amazing gift ideas and personal projects and discover the potential of laser marking here.

See the following pictures for examples of laser marking:



laser markingimg_7202img_5195



More about Laser Marking


Laser marking services have a wide variety of applications in the industrial field. From cutting Plexiglas or wood to produce beautiful signage or decorative pieces, to metal engraving and precision marking, the potential for production is nearly limitless. If you or your company needs laser cutting for high precision work, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


The medical sector also has very interesting applications of laser marking services outside of the commonly-known skin treatment field. Laser cutting can be used to cut and label very small and intricate patterns into Microfluidic devices, which are used in labs for better blood analysis. The creation and customization of medical devices’ face plates and surgical instruments is often accomplished with laser marking as well.


Recently, with the advance of art into fields and mediums previously considered irrelevant, creation and customization with lasers has become the basis for many astounding pieces. With the ability to engravecut and mark on wood or other material, printing images onto surfaces or creating customized jewelry, lasers are brushes for the unconventional canvas.


What makes any gift special is the thought and effort that go into it. With lasers, nearly any item that you may wish to gift can be customized and engraved with your own personal message to the recipient. And if you’re fresh out of ideas as to what to get for that one person who has everything, give us a shout! We have more than a few suggestions for using laser marking to make any gift that much more special.