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MDF Name Tags

By April 28, 2015Uncategorized

When you’re in need of a high volume of name tags and also on a tight budget, MDF name tags are definitely an option to think about. By putting a little thought into the design, you can make them work for any formal or informal occasion.

MDF generally cuts and engraves well and will leave you with a neat and clean finish. Since you’re using lasers to cut the outer shape of the tags as well, try to explore your designing options for the main shape. All name tags don’t have to be rectangular; think out of the box. A slight change in the overall form of your name tags could be the clue to creating something incredibly unique and memorable, something people will want to keep even after the event is over.

It also looks great. The contrast between the engraved section and the light background of the MDF name tags will appeal to the eye and make the design stand out.

Laser cut and engraved MDF name tags for TedxUTSC by Lumicision

Laser cut and engraved MDF name tags for TedxUTSC by Lumicision

MDF is relatively cheap material. It can easily be found everywhere and will not break the bank when you need high quantities.

MDF is not heavy compared to metal for example. It’s light and comfortable when hung around one’s neck and also, if you are thinking of something to clip on to clothes, you won’t need to worry about it sagging.

And last but not least, it has a good warm feel to it. This can help participants really develop a sense of connection with the name tag and as a result, the event as well. In many cases, we’ve seen how a good name tag can pave the way for people to start a conversation and get the networking going.