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Difference Between Laser Marking and Engraving

By February 22, 2015Uncategorized

Take a look below to see what the difference between laser marking and engraving is.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is usually the most common option for someone who wants something personalized or customized. When engraving, the surface of the material is removed and you can feel the difference caused by the new depth when you run your finger over the surface. You can engrave almost all kinds of metal, plastics, wood, leather and glass and as the surface has been burned off, the engraving will never wipe off. You can see a sample of logo engravings on an aluminum surface in the picture below. It has quite a good industrial feel to it.

Logo Engraving on Aluminum at Lumicision

Logo Engravings on Aluminum at Lumicision



Laser Marking

Laser marking (or annealing) is very classy but less common and not all places will provide the service. In simple words, the laser beam heats the material and causes slight material property changes (oxidation) under the surface. As a result, the material turns black but the surface is left intact and you won’t even feel a thing when running your finger over it. The best results are seen with metals. Take a look at this modern stainless steel name tag below to get a better idea of what marking will look like.

Laser Marking on Stainless Steel Name Tags at Lumicision

Laser Marking on Stainless Steel Name Tags at Lumicision