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The Best Font for Laser Engraving

By January 27, 2015Uncategorized

The best font for laser engraving

Laser engraving on steel ax

Laser engraving on steel ax



When you’re looking to get something engraved, you obviously put a lot of thought into what you want to engrave on it and how it should look. As a result, the font for your writing also counts. Good news is, you can choose any font you like and help your message get across the way you want it. We will probably have the font ourselves, or we’ll try to find it for you. If it’s a specific font that’s not easily available, we’ll just need you to send the font file over to us and you’ll be all set.

Normally any font you choose will turn out beautiful and as intended. But if you’re wondering what the best font for laser engraving is, keep these two tips in mind and you’ll get even better results.

Try choosing a font that isn’t too thin, or doesn’t get too thin in some places. This is more important when the surface you choose is delicate. Because in order to keep your surface safe, we’ll use lower power and thinner areas may not stand out as much as they should. If what you’re engraving isn’t too small and your surface is also not very delicate, thin fonts are more acceptable in that case. In general, fonts like Arial and Calibri are always a good and safe choice but you are absolutely not limited to them.

And for the second tip, when engraving on wood, for example, and especially in small sizes, don’t choose fonts that are too cramped or their letters are unusually close to each other. As the surface is burnt in the engraving process, your letters may overlap or you may just simply lose a bit of the clean look you were hoping for.